Design Re-use, Maximized

Tikal's FeBe (Front-End/Back-End) solution is a collection of best practices, systems, tools, and expertise that enables XumaK to deliver projects faster, reduce risk, and improve ROI.


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Never make the same mistake twice

FeBe combines Tikal’s BedrocK and LayerX, with XumaK’s 10+ years of combined digital marketing expertise enabling solutions to be delivered on-time, within budget, and to specifications providing the desired ROI and impact on the top and bottom-line for your organization.

- FeBe allows for easy adaptation to changing business needs. 
- Code reuse and duplication ensures quality throughout. 
- Technically agile format ensures delivery of unique solutions aligned with client expectations.

Get projects there faster

Technical Agility

Because not every project is the same.

Easy-to-Use Tools

So teams can find and share tasks easily.

Code Quality

The interrelated systems work together to ensure the highest technological standards.

Time Saver

Build onto existing projects with simple design re-use to maximize efficiency.

Readable Documentation

You won’t feel like a robot did the work with FeBe’s human notations.

Rapid ROI

Increase your time to profit with this inherent, adaptable solution.

Simply put, FeBe is a revolutionary approach to enterprise development that enforces quality and minimizes development costs over the life of your platform.

Warren Brenner

President, XumaK

Don’t let poor performance slow you down

Let FeBe deliver.

50% of projects fail to complete on time.

Poor enterprise development can result in expensive mistakes. With FeBe, you won’t lose your return on investment.

$122 million lost for every $1 billion invested.

With FeBe, business analysts translate requirements into a holistic solution specification. FeBe tooling then generates human readable documentation to ensure the specified requirements will be met and expectations are aligned.

100% of businesses have ups and downs.

Agility is crucial in today’s changing world. FEBE will identify requirements that could not be automatically met and facilitate new artifact and UI development. As the business needs change, simply run FEBE again with the new requirements.

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