Over 1.8 Billion People Shop Online

Be part of a team that enables e-commerce excellence for top brands. Using the listening + engaging method to help clients, your contributions will help strengthen economies worldwide.


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Your expertise equals their success

Clients need your skills in experience-driven commerce, API commerce, commerce and content integration, Adobe e-commerce and digital experience platforms with native commerce capability to achieve their sales goals. 

In this role, you’ll provide:
- Executive Consulting to determine the best solutions for their business. 
- Coaching on how to blend content management systems and e-commerce. 
- Deep, versatile commerce experience.

Take the headaches out of eCommerce

Stimulate Stronger Sales

Help clients grow their revenue through increased search engine visibility.

Help Crush Client Competition

Establishing a clear e-commerce strategy with your guidance, brands will stay ahead of the curve.

Promote Effortless Inventory

Offer real-time results for companies to take stock of their merchandise with sophisticated online management.

Implement Prime Personalization

So your clients can really get to know their customers.

Encourage Clients to Expand Horizons

When they grow into new geographies, everyone wins.

Minimize Client Management

To eliminate business redundancies for brands, emphasize the less labor intensive methods of operation they’ll enjoy once systems are in place.

Xumak has been providing staff augmentation to our e-commerce development efforts for over a year. With their help, we have doubled our e-commerce sales and the overall use of our site. They operate as an extension of our team and provide quality development work.

Laura Schultz

Director IT & PMO, Johnstone Supply

Keep customers at the top of their eCommerce game

Don’t get left behind as consumers adapt to an ‘E’ way of buying.


Fueled by pandemic lockdowns, online sales skyrocketed to this percentage of Total Global Sales


Cross-border e-commerce increased this much from 2019 - 2020.

150 million

Approximate amount of people who shopped online for the first time during the pandemic.

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