For the Love of Code

Tikal's DANTA is a development framework designed for the unique demands of delivering digital experience platforms.


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Empowering development choice

DANTA enables developers and IT teams to use technologies they already know, expediting the creation and leveraging of reusable technical assets. 

- Industry-common technology approach reduces product-specific learning curve. 
- Higher knowledge facilitates better quality results. 
- Lifetime TCO of digital platform is reduced.
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A source of excellence


Components can be used with templates written in any language supported by AEM.


With DANTA, code quality is always maintained.


DANTA maximizes object re-use, so less is truly more.


Inherently developer-friendly, as it separates logic from business.


There’s nothing like it in the market today.


Its simplicity promotes accelerated delivery time for projects.

One of the main tenets of web development—actually, software dev in general—is that business logic should be kept separate from the presentation. The irony is that despite nearly everyone knowing this and completely buying into it, this single principle is rarely followed in practice. We decided to fix this mess.

Joshua Oransky

Chief Visionary Officer, XumaK

Faster time to market, higher quality, cross-product compatibility

DANTA is consistent and extensible Model-View-Controller development framework for Digital Experience Platforms (DEP).

33% Faster Deployments

The sooner your digital marketing programs are up and running, the quicker you’re winning business.

100% Simplified Separation

When you switch or upgrade your DEP, avoiding front-end/back-end confusion will keep costs down.

Save 1,000s

Technical Reuse allows developers to use industry-common development technology and avoid costly proprietary digital experience platform tools and methodologies.

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