Plug & Play Integration

Tikal’s BedrocK® is Experience as a Service (EaaS) delivering a comprehensive approach to building applications on various platforms, such as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). BedrocK blends technologies, techniques, and processes delivering a faster time to market, lower total cost of ownership, and higher return on investment all without vendor lock-in.


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Experience as a service

BedrocK functions as a single unit working together 
to support the stack. Each “layer” of the stack 
is responsible for providing necessary 
functionality for a particular type of user.

- Optimized for the channels that you choose.
- Self-management tools allow forward motion and progress, eliminating the wait on other groups to deliver.
- Lower cost, duration, and effort needed to switch core products or upgrade from one product version to another. 
Diagram of BedrocK

The perfect foundation


BedrocK is Experience-as-a-Service (EaaS) that enables scalable, agnostic integration for digital experience projects.


Leading brands such as MetLife have implemented BedrocK to deliver flexible digital experience platforms that enhance their customer experience.


BedrocK enables a best-of-breed integration strategy preferred by CIOs and industry experts.


Analysts agree that solid integration skills can make or break your project.


By leveraging companion technologies such as LayerX and FeBe, BedrocK can guarantee your project’s cost and time-to-market.


Put simply: there’s nothing else like it in the industry.

As we’ve worked to digitally reinvent MetLife, XumaK has helped us accelerate our execution of that plan. Using BedrocK®, they provided us with a scalable and performant foundation to build upon.

Brad Jenkins

Vice President, MetLife

How it comes together

To create the perfect solution.


At the top of the stack is the Experiences layer, which provides engaging, responsive, and cohesive experiences across channels including websites, mobile, kiosks, social, print, and custom applications.


The Orchestration layer seamlessly integrates Best-of-Breed applications, enabling content creators, marketing professionals, and other business users to self-manage targeted, personalized end-user experience at the speed of business.


The Innovation layer facilitates the delivery of unique experiences through a quality first development experience with LayerX, an innovative template development framework, and fully integrated SDLC.


Underpinning the stack is the GRID, providing the foundation of how BedrocK provides operational excellence by managing core operations enabling responsive, scalable user experience on a redundant, disaster-recovery.

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