Digital Marketing isn’t one size fits all.

Whatever your needs, XumaK solutions offer the perfect fit.


Take an All-inclusive Approach

The most comprehensive way to utilize AEM and other platforms.

Provide Technical Agility

Our system allows for easy adaptability to changing business needs.

Empower Your Dev Team

Reduce TCO and time to market with our innovative framework.

Outperform Your Competition

Stay ahead of the game with our experience-driven API commerce and content integration.

Need more? We’ve got you covered

With services that complement your digital strategy.

Deliver Technical Excellence
Deliver Technical Excellence

Our team takes a holistic approach to integration to provide you with a seamless experience.

Create a Team of AEM Experts
Create a Team of AEM Experts

Choose from several courses customized to your team's needs.

Inspire Seamless Online Journeys
Inspire Seamless Online Journeys

Our team of human-centric UX designers will re-define your end-to-end digital experience.

As we’ve worked to digitally reinvent MetLife, XumaK has helped us accelerate our execution of that plan. Using BedrocK®, they provided us with a scalable and performant foundation to build upon.

Brad Jenkins

Vice President, Global Marketing Technology, MetLife


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