UX Design

Promote data-driven strategy for all projects.


UX: Experiences based on values

You’ll use our methodology for designing user experiences, which features a proven 3-step process: 1) Understanding 2) Anticipating 3) Guiding to help customers achieve their product goals.

website loading 2.6
Percentage of users who won’t revisit slow-loading websites.

Help customers enhance their end-user experience and drive more conversions.

technology background .05
Brands only have .05 seconds to get a customer’s attention.

As part of the team, you’ll design pages that help brands make a good first impression.

wall of screens 90%
This is how many people on average use multiple screens sequentially.

Providing a consistent journey-driven experience for brands will ensure their customer loyalty.

The secrets behind exceptional UX

User Research

By way of stakeholder interviews and usability testing.


Using sophisticated personas and journey maps.

UX Assessment

Using benchmarking and competitive analysis.


Through wire-framing and prototyping.

Interaction Design

Tailored specifically to the customer's digital environment.

Information Architecture

Organized for perfection.

As a marketing professional, I’ve seen the bottom-line impacted in a variety of industries due to flawed UX. The way customers interact with your brand should be at the heart of any good marketing strategy.

Tassoula Kokkoris

XumaK Alumni

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