Have passion. Embrace change. Live service. Embody excellence

At the heart of the company you’ll find a dedicated team of experts who care deeply about their customers, their craft and their community.

Our Story

IN 2004

XumaK founded

Marcos Andrés Antil founded the company and named it XumaK, an ancient Mayan word that means, “to bloom.”
IN 2008

The CQ/AEM research and development department began

This allowed us to expand our service offerings to reach new customers.
IN 2013

The XumaK headquarters moved to Miami, Florida

This made it easier to expand services to Latin America, while continuing to serve North American customers.
IN 2014

XumaK was selected Partner of the Month by Adobe

Adobe recognized XumaK for its role as a key supporter of the Adobe Experience Manager platform in the areas of customer.
IN 2016

XumaK was awarded Adobe Specialization certification

Earned because XumaK demonstrated a hands-on ability to deliver innovative Adobe Digital Marketing solutions, and has achieved a high level of technical proficiency working with multiple successful customer implementations.
IN 2017

Launched Tikal

A new entity focused on developing BedrocK, Danta and other solutions.
IN 2020

Wunderman Thompson Acquires Xumak

Wunderman Thompson is a New York-based, creative, data and technology agency that brings together over 20,000 people in 90 markets across the globe. Its acquisition of XumaK affirmed the agency’s commitment
We continue evolving—following XumaK’s true values, always going the extra mile—always seeking excellence in all that we do.

Marcos Andrés Antil, Founder

Always in Bloom

Our Core Values

The elements of our essence are reflected the shared beliefs of our team.

To HAVE PASSION for technology is mandatory.

Our employees are infatuated with their work, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

To learn and grow, our employees EMBRACE CHANGE.

We believe it's necessary to advance the business. It’s essential to be nimble in the tech space.

We LIVE SERVICE through team voluntarism.

A better world is built by a strong sense of community.

We strive to EMBODY EXCELLENCE every step of the way.

To remain on the cutting-edge of the tech industry, second-best won’t cut it.

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