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Marcos Andrés Antil

CEO & Founder
“When building teams that are inspired and innovative, valuing the human aspect is vital. Partnering such strength with our clients on their projects yields great success. It truly becomes teamwork.”

Marcos Andrés Antil came to America as a child from his native Guatemala. After learning about opportunities in the technology industry, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from California State University—Bakersfield and began as a Senior Solution Engineer for Day Software. It was there that the idea to create XumaK was born. He founded the company in 2004, growing it from just a few employees to the over 140 that make up the team today. He is currently the CEO and divides his time between Guatemala City, Guatemala and Miami, Florida. In 2019, Marcos published his autobiography, Migrante.

M. Leonardo Antiles

General Manager
“Being a diversified family - owned company we do what families do. Working together as one team which brings particular skills that makes us tick and by listening to everyone we don't bypass any opportunity to scale excellence.”

Leonardo Antiles came to XumaK with 15 years of experience working for a major transportation company focusing on human capital and client services. He is an expert in conflict resolution, acting as a liaison for many years between his prior company and Union members. He uses this skill to provide compassionate, strategic guidance in his role as General Manager at XumaK. In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his family and play soccer. He resides in Guatemala.

Joshua Oransky

Chief Visionary Officer
“What is needed is a way for infrastructure resources to be provisioned and managed correctly, repeatedly, and reliably; where projects can be confidently scoped with minimal errors; contributors can be added at any time with the access they need to do their job—BedrocK is our answer to this need."

Josh Oransky has nearly 30 years of experience in software development, with 18 of them focused on scoping, leading, and developing scalable, high-availability, enterprise-class web applications. He has been instrumental in the development efforts of projects that run the gambit in size and scope, and he is adept at interfacing at any level of an organization, be it guiding developers at the level of code, assisting in the design and assessment of infrastructure for IT teams, or socializing the high-level approach for executives. Along with an extensive background in software development and methodology, Josh also possesses deep knowledge of network architecture & protocols, hardware development, data-modeling, and all aspects of system administration, optimization, security. A self-professed "foodie" and beer connoisseur, he currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Luis H. Fernandez

Chief Technology Officer
“It's not only about solving a problem, is also figuring out the right problem to solve. It is not just about doing things right, it's about doing the right things right.”

Luis H. Fernandez, Chief Technology Officer, has been an expert in digital marketing for nearly 20 years. At XumaK, his focus is helping the world’s largest brands generate revenue growth by defining and implementing technical digital marketing strategies. Luis resides in Guatemala, but spends most of his time working in the U.S. and Latin America. He is passionate about the business-side of technology and e-commerce.

Warren Brenner

“Creating innovative technology solutions that disrupt traditional consulting practices is a scary thing to do… but it’s the right thing to do for our clients, and so we’ll continue to push the envelope in this important ever-evolving industry.”

Warren Brenner came to XumaK in 2013 with a vast background in Engagement Management, Consulting and Software Architecture—he even spent several years as a Developer. Beginning as our VP of Global Services, he quickly advanced to the role of President, where he’s now responsible for leading our Sales, Marketing and Operations, as well as Strategic Partnerships with our clients and partners. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his wife and two children. They reside in Kansas City, Missouri.

Alexander Estupiñan

“I'm always eager to explore new opportunities to drive growth and improve the world we live in. I believe we need the right state of mind in order to collectively advance into the next great problem-solving innovation. What’s important is to enjoy both the challenging implementation process as well as the results.”

Alexander Estupiñan joined XumaK in 2011 after working in several global companies in Europe and the United States. Alex’s broad background spans both technical and business, starting as developer and wearing many hats along the way, growing from Project Manager to Engagement Manager and currently serving as Director of Global services. This experience provides Alex with broad perspective to continuously refine XumaK’s vision and lead his team to deliver Customer Excellence. Alex resides in Guatemala, where he also serves as an Adjunct Professor at several of the most prestigious universities of the country.

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