XumaK creates innovative ecommerce solutions that help you outperform your competition. First listening, then engaging, our engineers and architects work to thoroughly understand your business before we customize and implement your ideal ecommerce platform.

The past few years has seen a profound shift in consumer expectations. Customers now want their online shopping to be an experience. They want to seamlessly flow from a brand narrative to a purchase opportunity. They must be able to browse on one device and buy on another. They want the line blurred between content and commerce. And they expect the whole thing to be simple, enjoyable, and personalized.

It's a tall order, but XumaK makes it happen every day for leading brands and retailers all over the world. How? The secret is our innovative end-to-end delivery platform: BedrocK.

What sets us apart is not only our BedrocK Platform as a Service, but our experience, expertise, and commitment to acquire a deep understanding of your brand and business.

Key Benefits:

  • Seamless customer experience
  • Combined commerce and content appeals to consumers
  • Experience-driven commerce highlights your brand
  • Storytelling drives customer engagement
  • Rich, personalized customer-centric experiences catalyzes sales
  • XumaK has deep expertise in ecommerce platforms
  • Trusted by major brands
  • Expertise in experience-driven commerce, API commerce, commerce + content integration, Adobe ecommerce and digital experience platforms with native commerce capability