Solve multiple problems and eliminate risk and uncertainty with BedrocK. BedrocK integrates CMS, ecommerce and analytics into a unified platform that ensures the predictability of your platform delivery.


You know the old adage about "too many cooks?" Well, that's exactly what happens when you try to implement commerce and content management platforms. Internal teams and multiple vendors attempting to implement different technology components to create a seamless experience? That's a recipe for disaster. BedrocK, however, is a recipe for success. A recipe to successfully implement major digital marketing and ecommerce projects through an agnostic and scalable integration platform.


BedrocK diagram

BedrocK consists of four layers:

BedrocK's Grid is the foundation of BedrocK, this hybrid software-designed data center virtualizes the infrastructure and delivers it as a unified service.

BedrocK's Innovation is an innovative API-based templating framework that separates frontend design and backend development.

BedrocK's Choreography orchestrates the capabilities of various components like CMS, ecommerce, analytics, and campaigns

BedrocK's Experience is where you manage, deliver, and optimize customer experiences across every digital touchpoint.


It's the Age of the Consumer, where shoppers are demanding a high level of service and engagement. Successful brands must make customer experience a top priority. BedrocK, allows marketers to focus on their brand by leveraging BedrocK's ability to accelerate time to market for your brand initiatives.

Key Benefits:

  • Scalable, agnostic integration for digital experience projects
  • Integration strategy preferred by CIOs and industry experts
  • Leverages companion technologies XpresS and LayerX
  • Reduced risk and time-to-market, while delivering higher quality